"Applicants to the President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship must submit a complete Application Form, attaching an Essay and certificates. The Essay must be written by the applicant on one of the ten topics listed below in relation to Latin America and the Caribbean:"

  1. Territories, regions, cities and environment for inclusive development (design, sustainable development, transportation and communications infrastructure, housing, urban services -utilities-, social economy, urban economy, urban policy, citizen participation)
  2. Media and democracy for inclusive development (innovative IT, social media networks, support for education and knowledge, culture and political participation, media democratization, rights to information -quality and access-)
  3. Public policies for inclusive development and social justice (critique of neoliberal economic model, and promotion of new models for development and growth, definition of the role of the State in income distribution and equity promotion, inclusive public policies -social security, health, employment, infrastructure, economic development, education, science and technology-, human rights, regional cooperation and integration)
The Essay can be either a preview of the applicant's masters or doctoral thesis in progress; a summary of the completed master or doctoral thesis; or an analysis or critical interpretation of current or completed work in public or social service, identifying the applicant's role within this context. It’s not recommended to send a future research project. The essay should be between 4,000 and 7,000 words. Longer theses will be accepted, but must be accompanied by a summary of the length mentioned above.

The Application Form and Essay must be submitted in two versions: one in Spanish (or Portuguese) and another in English (both forms can be completed here).To learn more, read the Rules.
Applications must be sent before May 21, 2017, 5:00pm Buenos Aires time, or 5:00pm New York time

Applying to this Fellowship implies complete acceptance of the

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