Call 2017-2018

President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship 2017-2018

Organized by:
Observatory on Latin America OLA / The New School, New York, United States
Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The PNK Fellowship has a unique and innovative profile in the region. The Fellowship focuses on training and supporting future political leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean who have demonstrated commitment to academia and public service.

This Fellowship is inspired by the legacy and achievements of former President Néstor Kirchner during his term as President of Argentina (2003-2007), and as the first Secretary General of UNASUR (2010).



The President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship is focused on supporting the training of leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean, working in political/social and academic fields. The Fellowship consists of an exchange of ideas and experiences between the Fellow and academics, politicians, and civil society agents in the city of New York selected based on the academic work presented by the Fellow.

The Fellowship covers a two-week stay in New York (during predetermined dates) and will be based at The New School. The Fellow will present his/her work to students and academics of The New School, will meet with political and civil society leaders, and will take part in various other activities such as visits to local government offices and multinational organizations, as well as tour museums, and public and university libraries, among other activities.

This call for applications will award four Fellowships. Fellowship 1 is a competition for Argentine citizens. Fellowship 2 is a competition for citizens of Latin American and the Caribbean countries, excluding Argentina. Fellowships 3 and 4 are competitions for citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean countries.